Packing Your Parachute – How To Plan For Success In Your Home Based Business and Plan Against Failure

Part 1 of the Parachute Series

Life happens… to you, your Customers and your Distributors and it doesn’t tell you when its going to strike.

When you plan your network marketing business around your life – what often times happens? Your business is always left on the back burner. Not enough hours in the day to get to it right? More pressing priorities to tend to, am I correct?

When you plan your life around your network marketing business – what often times happens? Your business is now moved to the front burner and all of a sudden you are scheduling your life to fit in around your business.

1. The first survival tool that goes in our parachute pack is your daily schedule. You need to determine what your goal is and then what you need to do each day in order to reach your goal. Maybe you are only working your network marketing business 2 or 3 days each week for 5-8 hours per day or maybe you are working your business every day for 2 hours/ day.  Regardless, you need to figure out your goal and then figure out what you have to do in order to reach it.  Why do we do it that way?

If you say, “I’m going to make 5 new contacts 3 days/ week, and I’m going to do 3 meetings each week and my goal is $XYZ in 2 months – is that enough contacts and meetings in order to reach that goal? Probably not. With that schedule, you will need to readjust your goal. If you don’t want to readjust your goal you had better readjust your schedule.

If you want to have any kind of decent income in network marketing you need to be dropping about 50-100 prospects into your funnel, (your sifting and sorting tool) per week, minimally. Grab your copy of The 1% Club for details on what a funnel is and also how to generate 50-100 prospects per day on line.

1st is to determine your goal, then plan your weekly and then daily schedule. I promise you, when you do it this way, its amazing!! You are not lessening your priorities for your family or your religious obligations, but you are now saying that your home based business is a priority in your life because its going to change your life, change your family’s lives and that deserves some priority attention, don’t you think?

 If you have a schedule that you MUST adhere to.. and I mean MUST… like you work a full time job, then that becomes part of your schedule that you work into your home based business schedule. Jim Rohn, the Godfather of network marketing used to say, “I’m working full time on my life and I’m working part time on my fortune.”

 Begin plugging in all the other activities in your life around your home based business schedule. If you do this, you will develop some very healthy organizing and scheduling habits. You will find that you are a lot more efficient and you will reach your goals!

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the 2nd thing to Pack in your Parachute.

See you tomorrow!