Go Mobile: Get onto peoples’ phones before your competition does

We are entering the age of mobile marketing.

This new era is just emerging and those who act now will be among the first in their industries and in their communities to have a mobile app.  There is a huge advantage to being first in the mobile app arena.  Its not enough to have a mobile website and social media presence its all about using the mobile platform to engage with and market to your target market and your customers. People are downloading mobile apps at a neck breaking pace and more than ever its important for businesses to have a mobile app sooner rather than later.

Consumers will keep their favorite business’ mobile apps on their phones. They will download the apps of other businesses in order to research them and perform due diligence, but in the end they will manage the clutter by keeping their favorite businesses’ apps on their phones. (And yes, watch for changing data plans as mobile apps become more prevalent).

The New York Times said that the mobile app is the greatest media ever invented.

It combines all forms of media: video, radio, print, TV and social media. Add to that your own You Tube Videos and Commercials, Coupons, Events, Loyalty cards and
E-commerce and you’ve now got your entire business in the palm of peoples’ hands. They can learn all about you, engage with you on social media and buy your products in mere minutes! Never before has it been easier for people to buy than through a mobile app!

Right now its a land-grab, just like the California Gold Rush! Those who staked their land claims first got the most gold. Those who get onto peoples’ phones first will have the advantage.

Peoples’ cell phones are the most prime real estate you can stake a claim on!  You want to be the first in your industry in your area to have a mobile app and be on peoples’ phones.

The first one on peoples’ phones will have the first advantage to start engaging users with mobile marketing. Once engaged, that relationship starts to develop and will continue to strengthen with time and mobile app use.  When your competition finally jumps into the mobile app arena they will have to compete with you for space on the phones that you’re already on. Those who come second will not be out of the mobile app game they will just have a harder time getting on top.

You might be hesitant. You might be a “wait and see-er”. Just know that while you’re thinking it over, your competition might be taking action and planning their mobile strategy with their favorite mobile solutions company right now. You might not fully understand how mobile apps work or how they can grow your business and that’s OK. Its new and most small businesses with a mobile app don’t fully get it at the start either. But what they did understand is real estate and the first comers advantage of getting onto peoples’ phones before their competition does.

Get with your favorite mobile solutions company today and take the steps to get your business mobile. Don’t worry about not fully understanding it all. Apply the “learn as you grow” philosophy and you’ll be super “appy” you took this advice.

Colleen Lloyd-Roberts is Co-Founder of Brandgarden. She is a mobile solutions expert including mobile apps, mobile marketing, mobile e-commerce and social media.