Why you should be on Slide Share

Slide Share is the perfect forum to connect, educate, empower and entertain through the magic of powerpoint.

Let your creative abilities flair as you put your thoughts, ideas, sales presentations, product demos and motivational speeches onto a platform that’s custom fit to deliver your message to the masses any time anywhere.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook where current posts bump earlier posts down the funnel, Slide Share posts your presentations into categories where they are found by those searching for the popular keyword searches that you tagged when you uploaded your presentation.

Slide Share is also the perfect way to share presentations with prospects, customers and VIPs all around the globe… free!

No more worrying about download or upload speed, signing into shared files in a cloud or sending and receiving files that are too large for e-mail.

Slide Share is a free app available in Google Play or the App Store.

To set up your own account is free and easy! Anyone can do it in less than 2 minutes! You can easily upload your powerpoint presentations from any device (Laptop, iPad, Kindle, Smartphone) and you can direct people to watch your presentation by telling them to search for your name or the name of your presentation.

Just like social media, where others mysteriously find your profile and follow your posts, its the same with Slide Share. You’ll be surprised when you upload a presentation and a week later you find a couple dozen people have viewed your presentation.

If you’re not very savvy putting together presentations, Slide Share has that covered for you too.

Although I’ve never used it, there is a template that looks like its pretty much click, drag, drop and add text and voila! you have a great looking presentation.

Another great benefit to Slide Share is that it can get you out of a jam at a speaking engagement.

If your presentation is dependent upon slides, but the projector malfunctions or you find that you don’t have the proper cords to link your computer and the projector, you can have your audience download the free Slide Share app and follow along on their mobile devices as you give your presentation.

Do audience members ever ask for a copy of your presentation?

This means follow up work to get it to them. When you upload your presentations into Slides Share anyone can easily access your entire show!

Slide Share is linked up with all of the major social media platforms so when you upload a presentation you can easily share it onto all of your social channels as well.

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