Part 2 of the Parachute Series      For Part 1, click here.

  1. The second thing that goes into your Parachute is a collection of things that you find motivational and inspirational.

Working a home based business on your own can be tough. You’ve got sponsors and customers and distributors, but at your home, in your office, you’ve just got you. Some days will be fun and easy and other days, like when someone just called to tell you they quit, can be dismal at best.

In the beginning when you are building your business you will need to remain positive and motivated.As you are building your new mindset, think about the tools that are needed to keep yourself positive and inspired.  As discussed in previous blog posts and the book, Secrets of the 1% Club, a positive mindset is key for success!

Build up a library of your favorite inspiring quotes and writings from leaders and people you are inspired by. Are there greeting cards, posters, key phrases that you have seen on the internet or you have a collection of, which you find motivational? Keep photographs and art work that you find personally motivating.

Each of us is inspired by different movies, books, quotes and writings so I didn’t itemize out exact titles, but you can head over to the Resources Section of the blog and find some personal favorites listed there.

Here is a list of what to include in your Library of Inspiration and Motivation:

1. Art done by children

  1. Inspiring people
  2. Movies
  3. Songs
  4. Endurance Music Channel on Pandora
  5. Biblical or Religious References
  6. Speeches
  7. You Tube videos
  8. Olympic Moments
  9.  Great fitting jeans, shirt or your favorite shoes, a watch, jewelry

What do you do to keep yourself motivated? Leave a comment and share to help inspire others.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 3 of the Parachute Series