"Marketing Testimonies"

Testimonies are the best sales tool you can own

When customers want to research a new product or service, where do they go? The Internet. It’s no mystery that the World Wide Web has become the end all be all of information and data. Customers and potential customers rely heavily on social media to look up reviews and testimonials on products and services before contacting you or making a purchase.

Regardless of what business your own, it’s paramount to your success to collect positive feedback. Here are 3 tips on collecting and using testimonials.

1. Host a Webinar Presentation

When you host a presentation you can focus on aspects that your target audience would like to learn. Customers and fellow businesses are always interested in how to get their name out there more. Check your material before you start the presentation. The more informative your webinar is, the more likely you will receive more positive feedback. Be sure to record the presentation and post the link to your blog, website, Facebook page and email it to those who attended the webinar. Encourage re-posting, sharing, liking, tweeting and ask attendees to post comments about the webinar. For more exposure sign up for a free eZine account and write a short non-sales article and include your webinar link and comments as a testimonies to what you are talking about. (eZine content must not be “sales pitchy” and it must be original and not re-posted.)

2. Video Testimonials

With the new ease of uploading videos to blogs, websites, streaming to Twitter, and uploading to YouTube, it is easier, and sometimes more effective to have people in your network and your customers provide video testimonials. You can also do this with your affiliate marketing partners. Ask your affiliate marketing partner for a video testimonial. If a video testimony is not possible you can record a video and add a picture to it. You can either include a picture of the person who is actually talking or you can take a related picture. If you use the free services of vimeo, you can create a neat little photo montage that plays while the person is talking.

3. More Testimonials Equal More Success

Regardless of what business you own, you cannot get on top without helping a lot of other people. If you help your people get what they want through the use of your products and services, you will realize the exchange in dollars and prosperity. Happy customers are your best salespeople and if they like you personally, they will bend over backwards to promote your business. This is one of the secrets to the success of my nail file company. I take excellent care of my customers and offer incredible service to them. In exchange they write me e-mails of gratitude, record videos on my behalf and most importantly…. send their friends to my website! ┬áIn order to get more testimonials you need to be friendly, likable, and helpful to your customers, associates, partners, colleagues, suppliers. Doing so will guarantee positive feedback. Go the extra mile for others and offer to help them with their problems. Maybe the solution to their problem isn’t something you sell directly but you can point them in the right direction or personally introduce them to someone who can help. The more you help other people, the more you will help yourself and your business.