Mobile apps are doing amazing things for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


About 1 in 4 people either own or have access to a smart phone. Businesses are crazy if they do not take advantage of this already large and continuously growing, captive audience.

When televisions became household appliances and viewership grew into the millions and billions, businesses boomed their bottom-lines as they lined up to purchase air time and expose their products and services nation wide and world-wide through expensive television advertising.

When telephones became just as popular, businesses boomed by taking out ads in the Yellow Pages.

91% of Smart phone users are never more than 3 feet from their phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is more time spent on smartphones than television viewing! People are googling businesses, downloading apps, watching videos, accessing social media, reading e-mails, text messages and push notifications. They are doing all of these things while riding in planes, taxis, cars and trains, sitting in doctors’ offices, coffee shops and restaurants, during sports events and spa treatments, while watching TV and even when they’re shopping in stores.

Mobile marketing has the highest conversion rate compared to all other forms of advertising.

Mobile apps combine direct mail (push notifications), TV (videos), social media, print advertising and radio all in one spot and make it easier than ever for businesses to mass market directly to their target markets.

With a mobile app, businesses can interact with, engage with and market to their audiences and be just one click of a button away from their customers at the exact moment in time when their customers are making a buying decision. Imagine dangling your business right in front of your customers at the precise moment they are ready to buy!

A business can even have a “buy now” button right on their mobile app so customers don’t have to navigate a website or get in their cars to drive to a store to shop. Just shop right from the mobile app.

Small, easy and free mobile marketing campaigns can be designed for use by small businesses, as well as large, expensive and complex mobile marketing campaigns can be designed for use by large businesses.

Mobile marketing campaigns can be as simple as sending out a push notification to promote a “flash sale” or let customers know what’s on sale today or this week, or customers can take “selfies” with your in-app camera and directly upload it to your company’s Facebook page where they then go and grab it and share it onto their personal Facebook page.

And let’s not forget to mention the power of a mobile app if you want to take your business from local to nation-wide or world-wide! Websites are not easily searchable from country to country. Mobile apps are available for download in any country  where smartphones and phone service is available. Its easy to promote your business or sell products internationally using a mobile app, if international expansion is part of your game plan, then a mobile app is a “must” in your marketing tool box.