Obi Wan: “Master Yoda, Luke is not responding, (to my mobile marketing) what should I do?”

Massive leads, must you have. Relationships, must you have. Mobile marketing will accomplish both so must you have also.

Yoda: “Chase him, do not. Nag him, do not. His journey, it is”.

Obi Wan: “But am I not failing as a salesperson then?”

Yoda: “His parent, you are not. An adult, he is. His choice to learn and do, it is”.

Obi Wan: “So, what is my role then, if it is not to nag and chase?”

Yoda: “Be available, you must. Be wise and judging not, you must. Be caring, you must. Ensure he knows these things, you must. But wait for him, do not. Be attached, you must not. Be upset by him, do not. Trust in divine timing, you must.”

Me: “Nuff said”.    🙂

Mobile marketing is all about forming meaningful relationships with individuals and the masses all at one time.

We cannot chase and nag our customers and prospects to buy from us. We have to let them know gently, kindly and enthusiastically,  “we’re always here for you when you need us.” We have to show them that we care about them, show them we love to make them laugh and show them that we are worthy of their hard earned dollars when they are ready to spend them.

We have to mentor them as they wade through the sea of information trying to make the correct buying choice.  And it may not seem like they’re listening, but if you do your mobile marketing consistently and persistently you will have a good shot at their business when they are ready to buy.

Treat your customers, fans and followers as you would want to be treated. Have an auto-responder campaign set up to capture leads and use it to build solid relationships, but don’t abuse it.

There’s nothing worse than dropping yourself into someone’s “sales funnel” because you really want to glean the information they are promising you, but you get more than you bargained for. You get what you wanted but you also get what you didn’t want- a barrage of strongly worded, hard sell e-mails, Facebook message and Tweets to buy, buy, buy!

Yoda’s Valuable Mobile Marketing Lesson:

“Available, be.”
“Valuable, be.”
“Caring, be.”
“Credible, be.”
“Fun, be.”
“Inspiring, be.”
“Empowering, be.”
“Entertaining, be.”
“Informative, be. ”

“Massive leads, must you have. Relationships, must you have. Mobile marketing will accomplish both, so must you have also.”

Continue evolving your mobile marketing strategies. Start making the move towards more social media platforms, a mobile website and a mobile app. Be available. Focus on building relationships. If you do these things, then “massive relationships will you have, more clients will you have, more referrals will you have and high income will you have too!”

Colleen Lloyd-Roberts is a mobile marketing expert. Affectionately known as “The App Girl” she Co-Founded Brandgarden  with her techie husband, Richard. They focus on ridiculously affordable mobile marketing strategies for Small Businesses.