Why Customers Prefer Shopping on a Mobile App Vs Mobile Website

We live in an instant gratification society and when it comes to shopping, nothing makes spending money and obtaining what we want faster or easier than a mobile app.

No more typing in long web addresses and dragging a mouse around to find what we want and place an order. Good-bye printing, cutting and then remembering to bring your coupons with you. Finally, say good-bye to big fat wallets bursting with loyalty and punch cards.

Mobile apps make the transaction process faster and easier. Period.

Mobile Apps now put mere clicks between us and what we need and want. The shopping experience is almost automatic, with how quickly and easily we can pay and checkout. Mobile banking apps, digital wallets and PayPal mean customers can check out in the same amount of time that it takes to say, “cha-ching.” 

Mobile Coupons quickly direct customers to your “mobile sale rack,” or the “what’s new mobile rack.”

Coupons on mobile apps direct your customers’ attention to what’s on sale or what’s new and on promotion while they’re shopping on your app. Astute business owners change up their coupons weekly or even several times a week and use Push Notifications to lure their customers to their apps and take them directly to the Sale section. Over 80% of consumers reported in a survey that they wanted to receive coupons, specials and promotions from their favorite businesses on their mobile phones.

How Mobile Loyalty Points Empower Customers

Loyalty Rewards points on a mobile app coupled with redemption options keep customers engaged in how many more points they need in order to get that extra precent discount, or be able to get that T-shirt, piece of bling or whatever special merchandise might be available in exchange for some valuable Loyalty Points. Astute Business owners offer a variety of redemption offers including discounts, merchandise and the ability to redeem points in exchange for the business to make a donation to a charity. These three very distinct redemption options cater to the big three generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X & Gen Y.

Mobile app shoppers don’t need internet service to shop.

Mobile Apps make shopping available just about anywhere you can get mobile service, which is in a lot more places than where you can get internet service. Slow internet or no internet doesn’t disrupt one’s shopping spree on your mobile app. Products can be found, viewed and purchased just about anywhere at any time.

Did you know….

Did you know that its easier to navigate a mobile friendly e-commerce website through a mobile app than it is to navigate that same mobile friendly site through your phone’s internet browser? Mobile Apps are designed specifically to streamline viewing and navigation of mobile friendly sites. Internet Browsers are created to accommodate mobile viewing but they also have to accommodate lap tops and all kinds of screen shapes and sizes as well.

Mobile Apps offer a more customized shopping experience.

In the settings section of a mobile app, customers can set their preferences for which Push Notifications they receive based on how the business has them set up. The more categories and options to choose from, the more customized the shopping experience. When customers know they can expect to be notified of certain promotions, events or product lines, they will look forward to receiving those messages.

Additionally, stores who offer Personal Shopping Services through their mobile apps (and who promote these personal shopping services) find that customers spend more when they use these services.

When mobile friendly websites are linked up to a mobile app and the website is properly organized, customers can quickly find the category and product they’re looking for and are more apt to purchase because of how quick and easy the process was. Astute business owners are also putting their merchandise and services directly for sale on their mobile apps and linking them to PayPal for lightening fast and easy check out.

Mobile Apps Will Continue To Change How Customers Shop

Consumer shopping habits on mobile apps are driving the mobile app evolution and will continue to bring about change in the way people shop and pay for goods and services. Don’t be surprised if at some point, POS systems and cash registers become antiquated as mobile apps take over the point of sale space in businesses. 

Colleen is an App and e-Commerce expert. She’s an entrepreneur, writer, Speaker and Trainer of Mobile Marketing as well Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success. She enjoys Bikram Yoga, wine and a great cup of coffee. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @AppGirlontheGo.