What can you say in 140 characters on Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging  site that was originally created to bring the typical verbal vomit of a looooong winded blogger, down to 140 characters.

Life on Twitter happens very fast. Information is passed around the world at lightening speed as tweets posted are measured in the intervals of seconds.

If you want to be in the know Twitter is the place to be.

Results, information, what’s happening is being tweeted all the time. You can follow a news story or you can find out who’s the guest host on your favorite late night or day time talk show.

If there’s a crisis, all the details up to the minute can be found on Twitter. And if you want to know when the new Prince or Princess is going to be born… you can find out via a palace tweeter the minute it happens.

Twitter is where you want to be. Get yourself and your business an account on Twitter and watch for future posts on how to Tweet and how to find customers on Twitter.