Don’t get sucked into the black hole of social media using these Daily Posting Checklists

Its easy to fall down the black hole of social media. In mere minutes like quicksand, it can suck you in and drag you to a sea of recipes, kitten videos and the latest toddler performing rock star quality tracks on his Playschool piano.

Because of its quicksand like quality its easy to see why most business owners put social media on the back burner seeing it as a “time sucker” as opposed to a good investment of time spent prospecting and building relationships.

Posting with a purpose by using daily themes and a Daily Posting Checklist, are your best lifelines to keep you out of the social media black hole and quicksand.

Daily themes prevent “what am I going to post today?” syndrome. For example,

Motivational Monday – every Monday post something that’s motivational. You’ve probably heard of Throwback Thursday, but how about Funnies Friday or even Weekend Warrior posts for Saturdays, which might include things to do around town over the weekend or cool DIY projects.

You can always post other relevant content throughout the day such as selfies and cool things that happen, but its important to post something daily at a regularly scheduled time. People will get used to seeing your posts and come to look forward to them. The more regularly you post, the more engagement you will begin to experience over time!

Here is the Daily Social Media Posting Checklist for each major social media platform Follow these checklists and you will complete your social media daily minimum requirements in 30-60 minutes per day:

Facebook Daily Posting Checklist
  1. Look for messages & respond
  2. Post
  3. Engage in comments
  4. Post on others’ wall, relative comments only
Twitter Daily Posting Checklist
  1. Look for messages and respond
  2. Tweet to new followers
  3. Post daily themed tweet
Pinterest Daily Posting Checklist
  1. Count followers
  2. Comment to followers & messages
  3. Engage in comments
  4. Pin 5-10 pins, comment and make them relevant to daily themes


LinkedIn Daily Posting Checklist

    Reach out to new followerAccept appropriate new followers

Engage in comments

Answer messages

Click Happy Birthdays and Congratulations

Post your daily themed post


Google + Daily Posting Checklist
  1. Count followers
  2. Comment to followers
  3. Engage in comments
  4. Post daily themed post


Instagram Daily Posting Checklist
  1. Post picture
  2. Post videos 2-3 times per month
  3. Follow 1-3 new people
  4. Respond to comments


Stumble Upon Daily Posting Checklist
  1. Count followers
  2. Post
  3. Comment to followers & messages



Daily Checklist for Managing Your Blog
  1. Check blog for new comments
  2. Approve all appropriate comments
  3. Respond to all comments
  4. On blog posting days, share post url onto all other social media platforms
You Tube Daily Posting Checklist
  1. On video posting days, post prepared video or shoot 30 second – 2 minute video on site and post to You Tube channel
  2. Share link on an appropriate social media platforms and groups
  3. Count followers
  4. Respond to any comments

Fondly known as The App Girl” Colleen Lloyd-Roberts is the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at Brandgarden a mobile solutions company. Colleen is an expert in mobile apps, mobile websites and social media. She is also a motivational and educational speaker.