App Features


Call a designated number with a single click. The phone will begin ringing immediately. There will be no extra screens.



Shows an overview of a Facebook Page of your choosing. The Facebook Page in question will follow the design settings of your app.



Upload photos to the App CMS or link to popular online photo sharing services to create a photo list or album in your app. Photos pulled from online services refresh each time you open the photo list or album so that your app is always up to date.



Sub Menu

Creates, you guessed it, a submenu in your app.




Displays a list of links to website or webpages.


Clicking on the link opens a new screen in your app that loads the website. This way you can include links to your own website or a reservation page.




Stores your contact information. This includes information like your address, phone number, e-mail address, and website, as well as your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Users can now call or email you at the click of a button. Users will be shown the route to your address in their smartphone’s map application if they click on your address.




Displays a list of questions and answers. The questions are presented in the first screen. Clicking on a question brings you to the next screen with the answer to that question.




Opens a new screen featuring a map with markers designated by you.


Tip Calc

Creates, you guessed it, a submenu in your app.


Web Page

Add direct links to webpages. Either launch in app or as a new page.



Allows users to send an e-mail with the click of a button. The building block also allows you to enter a predetermined subject. Clicking on the menu item created by the “Email” block opens an email client on the user’s smartphone without going to a different screen first.



Opens a new screen in your app that you can fill with any kind of information you’d like.



Shows a list of products. Once users click on a product they see a new screen with information about the product. Each product can be linked to its own webpage. To sell products from the app add a Checkout block to this app too.



Shows the tweets from a Twitter account of your choosing. The Twitter building block is a great way of keeping in touch with your fans. It allows them to react to your tweets and/or retweet them directly in the app. The Twitters account in question will follow the design settings of your app.



Displays a list of events. You see the name of the event, a description and the date that the event takes place. On iOS devices, the list is automatically divided into two groups; one that displays upcoming events and one that displays past events. Android devices show the a list containing both Upcoming and Past events in the same screen.



Show a whole list of people. You can also add contact information, descriptions and photos of people in the list. Clicking on one of the people in the list opens a new screen with more information about that person.


News Feed

Allows users to view an RSS feed in your app. Users of your app will be presented with a list of articles from the chosen RSS feed. Clicking on an article opens a new screen that shows the content of the article. The “More” button takes the user to the article itself via a mobile browser.



Opens a new screen with a list of videos in it. Clicking on one of these videos opens a new screen in which you can play the video.


Plus App Functions


The Coupons block allows large retailers to small shop owners to discount specials with a coupon in the app. App users can open coupons in the app and redeem them at shops. The coupons can also be set to be available via email. This means users need to enter their email address in order to receive a redeemable coupon.



Show reviews written about your business on Foursquare, Google Reviews or Urbanspoon in your app.



Create a newsfeed from either your blog or create an in app blog using our content management system.


Loyalty Card

The loyalty card allows large retailers to small shop owners to award credits to loyal customers and offer them redeemable discounts and specials based on these points. Customers will be given a unique QR code that is scannable by the shop owner on his device. Every scan will award the customer a number of credits that will earn them deals determined by the app owner.


List PDF's

Displays PDF documents in the app.



Contact Form

Allows users to contact you using a contact form. You can ask for feedback on your products, or have your customers requesting an appointment from within the app. You can even let clients send you a photo. You can customize the “Thank You” message your clients see after submitting the form.



Show the current weather for a specified location.




Allows you to lock certain content unless the app user meets certain requirements. The block can be unlocked using a password, QR-code, authorization level or GPS location.


QR Scanner

This block can be used to let users scan QR Codes from within your app. Based on the information stored in the QR Code the appropriate action will be taken. E.g. When a phone number is present in the QR Code the user will be asked if they want to call the specified phone number.

The QR Scanner will keep track of scanned QR Codes so users can review their scanning history.