Mobile Apps

“Mobile marketing is the most powerful advertising medium ever invented.” - The New York Times
92% of Smartphone users are never more than 3 feet away from their phones 24 hours a day. Maybe that’s why..
80% of businesses with a mobile report a 30% increase in new business. 
There are over 200 million apps available for download in the App Store alone! 
Your customers of today are learning how to use mobile apps and adapting more quickly than you think. They are banking, shopping, making reservations, monitoring their health and tracking they fitness all using mobile apps. 
Your customers of tomorrow make up the generation that is really driving mobile app usage. 
A mobile app is a marketing force to be reckoned with. Here is a short list of what you can do with a mobile app and how it will help you “grow mobile”: 
  • Share TV ads, Videos, Podcasts, Radio interviews 
  • Replace Post Cards & Direct Mail with Push Notifications, 
  • Google Tour of your store, office, playing fields, restaurant, studio, compound
  • Engage Customers in Social Media 
  • Provide Coupons, Promotions, Specials
  • Promote Events
  • Register for Events
  • Provide information and maps of “on location” events 
  • Share Newspaper Articles & Advertorials 
  • Show Product & Promotional Videos 
  • Teach lessons  
  • Sign up for lessons
  • View Power Point Presentations 
  • Read Brochures on your App
  • Real Time Announcements sent via Push Notifications (closed due to weather/ private event, etc)
  • Write an eBook and it can be read on your App
  • Share Customer Testimonies
  • Promote Upcoming Trends
  • Promote New Arrivals
  • VIP Customer sign-in, Personal Shopper, Food preferences, Client profiles
  • Post menus, Lists of services, Product Catalogs
  • Customers can place orders 
  • Track your location via GPS if you’re a Food truck, mobile business or bus
  • Schedule coaching sessions, meetings, massage, hair appointments
  • Flexible Rewards Program 
  • Conduct surveys and host contests through your app
  • Function as an art studio  
  • Read your blog
  • Fill out in-take forms, vote for employee of the month
  • Promote advertisers, VIP vendors and sponsors
How To Sell Items Through Your Mobile App
  • Customers Shop your Website, E-Bay, Amazon, Etsy or other on-line stores through your App
  • List items for sale directly on your app, creating an in-app store
  • Customers shop your Instagram or Pinterest through your app
  •  Customers place reservations through your app
  • Customers schedule sessions and pre-pay through your app
  • Customers place take-out or delivery orders through your app
  • Customers can purchase memberships and subscriptions through your app 
How To Drive More Customers to Your Store With Your Mobile App
  • Store locations, Maps and GPS directions on your app
  • Push Notifications for Flash Sales, Specials, Events
  • Promotions, Sales, Discounts, BOGO – all on your app
  • Reward Points for referrals  
  • List all Events on your app 
  • Each Event listing has a “Share”, “Calendar” and “Map” button;  Customers can share via social media, e-mail or text; add to their calendars and get directions