I was having a chat with a home based business distributor today and she told me, “Colleen, I am willing to eat, sleep and breathe this network marketing business until I get it to the point where I’m really seeing some exceptional money coming in.” This Distributor has children, volunteers and works at another job.  How does she do it?

She keeps the end in mind. She knows that by being focused on the finish line, the goal posts, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – she will reach it.

Back when I used to do in home meetings,  I left someone’s home a little after 9 PM – pretty early by my standards- but the host asked me “how do you keep so perky late at night?”  Of course I answered, “because I know I just have to work hard for a  short period of time as compared to years and years, and I’ll be able to retire with a six figure income.”

 Am I willing to make some sacrifices in my life right now in order to enjoy the rest of my life in true financial freedom? You bet! Is my family willing to pitch in and support me? You bet. Is it always easy? No way… but I keep going because I know that success comes indefinitely to those who never give up.

Make a plan. Decide what your goals are for yourself in life  – stop working for the money and start working for the the things the money will bring you – the lifestyle, the college tuition for your children and grandchildren, the travel, the freedom to do what you want when you want, the charity donations – whatever it is.

Make your game in life, much bigger than your current worries and all of a sudden… your worries won’t be on your mind because you’re so focused on the game. Really have faith that you will succeed. You have to replace the feelings of worry and fear with faith because worry and fear are negative emotions and its very important to keep your mind filled with positive thoughts and positive emotions at all times.

The book, The 1% Club talks about the fact that one negative thought or emotion could wipe out all of the positive ones!   You have to really practice on being positive and thinking positive all the time. If you catch yourself thinking a negative, self-defeating thoughts, you have to change that and think positive and you cannot think small while you’re thinking positive!

I don’t want this to be about me and my experiences, but I will share with you that when I read Think & Grow Rich and really applied what I’d learned, the most amazing things started happening in my organization and my life!  Amazing people started coming to me, interested in hearing what I have to say about network marketing. The things I was thinking  in my head started happening… and don’t you for one minute call me lucky – its not luck – I read the book and I’ve applied what I learned and its a result of massive positive thinking. Positive thinking on a massive scale – like I’ve never positively thought before!!

I’d like to really stress to you the importance of persistence. Persistent people are lucky people! If you persist, you will get lucky! If you don’t persist, you’ll feel like the unluckiest person in the world! Be persistent in your positive thoughts. Its a whole mindset change, just like eating healthy is a whole mindset change. You have to work at it daily and even many moments of the day.

Persistence is luck. Persistence creates luck. Therefore, persistent people are lucky people but their luck only holds out as long as their persistence does! If you want to sponsor amazing leaders – and you will-  uou just keep persisting and you couple that with positive thinking and you will be blown away when you see who you start to attract to you and sponsor into your business!

If you’re getting discouraged or if the business seems hard – there’s truly only two problems: lack of positive thinking and lack of people.

When I was new in the network marketing business, no matter what problem I had my sponsor used to tell me, “Colleen you just don’t have enough people.” What he was saying is that when you have enough people in your “funnel” (a funnel is a sifting and sorting system that your prospects go through and you find how who does and doesn’t want to work with you) you have enough time to worry about other things. When you have so many people in your funnel, the other little hiccups and problems go away because you don’t have time to put your attention on them, let alone deal with them.

If you’re looking for massive lead generation, you’ve come to the right place. Grab your copy of The 1% Club to learn how to attract a lot of people to you. Trust me… all of your problems will melt away like an ice cube in the hot summer sun.

If you are not making the kind of money you had hoped to make, if you are not moving up in pay rank and title, if people are falling out of your organization, faster than new ones are coming on board – you’ve got to do just two things to remedy that:

  1.  you’ve got to truly change your thinking to 100% positive and
  2. you’ve got to start talking to a lot more people – a lot more!!