Sometimes people or opportunities are presented to us in life and we’re too quick to dismiss them as we quietly think, “oh I’m just too swamped for another thing,” or, “I don’t think that’s for me.”

Its usually no coincidence that people or opportunities are presented to us at the time they are presented. Remember, the mind is powerful and when you’re thinking thoughts of reaching certain goals and wanting to take your business to the next level, its very often around that time that a new person or new opportunity arrives smack in our path.

But do you see that person or opportunity as an obstacle or as a blessing in disguise?

When I started out as an online entrepreneur, I didn’t know anything about marketing my business online. The fancy AWeber auto-responder e-mails that my mentees receive? I didn’t have a clue how to make them, and I barely new what an auto-responder was really for. A Talk Fusion video? Really?!

How do you build a blog? That’s a very good question! (It turns out you don’t have to know because for $50 you can hire a highly trained blog builder from oDesk to build your blog for you!)

And lets not forget solo ads and banner ads. To me, that was like trying to hang sticky notes in mid-air!

Maybe you feel this same way. Maybe you feel like I did, “I’m not very technical and I don’t have time to learn.”

But what kept haunting me was that I knew there were millions of people on-line searching for me every single month. They were and are searching for my products and services. Talk about hot prospects!

And here I sit, trying to find prospects to share my products and services with. If only we could meet up somehow….

It was taking me a long time to get my products in front of thousands of people, but the thought of being able to get my business in front of thousands of people within 10 days?

Sign me up and when does the first lesson start?!!

Learning a new skill set is a blessing in disguise. If you really want to take your business to the next level… and quickly, then you have to take advantage of learning something new. You can say, “but I don’t have time,” or you can say, “I don’t have time not too!”

I dug in with the mindset like I was a student going to Harvard for a degree in online marketing and I was going to complete my training in record time. The faster I learned and implemented, the faster I could attract those millions of people to me.

Today, I can whip out an AWeber auto responder e-mail in a jiffy. I can post a blog with a video or photo, in record time. I know how to post banner ads, Facebook ads and I even know how to syndicate content so more people will find my articles on-line. Heck – I even know what “syndication” means!

Does it sound Greek to you? I understand. It sounded Greek to me too when I first started. But with persistence and determination to lead those millions of people to me, I did it!

When you learn a new skill set you are empowering yourself to do what most people will not. Did you know that 97% will give up?

Think about this. If you are a network marketer and you know the statistic that 97% will give up, wouldn’t you want to perfect your on-line marketing skills so you can attract thousands of people to you and you have an automated recruiting funnel? Wouldn’t you like to recruit by the dozens so that for every person that quits you have 5 or 10 more that joined your group?

If you’re a network marketer, wouldn’t you want to train your team to know what you know so that more people are visiting the websites and blogs of your team than anyone else’s team?

If you are a business owner selling products or services, wouldn’t you like a thousand more visitors to visit your website and blog each week, than visiting your competitors’ websites?

There’s only one way to learn and that’s by digging in and doing it. I promise you, its one of the the best blessings in disguise you will ever receive.