Are Facebook Fan pages silly? Aren’t they reserved for people who… well… have fans?

Today in our Top Producers mentoring session, we discussed Facebook fan pages. A new on-line marketer asked, “Isn’t it too soon to have a fan page? I’m brand new!”

First of all, you’re not going to get fans if you do not have a fan page. You have to have a fan page and then invite people to engage with you on your page.

Second, your fan page is your home base where you can engage people. Share photos, articles and invite people to share and comment on them. Bringing people to your fan page is like bringing people to your home for entertainment & conversation.

Third, it is your task as an on-line marketer to make yourself knownto your future customers. A fan page is one of the best ways to do that. Present yourself as a leader worthy of being followed and soon you will attract a crowd.

Most new on-line marketers have the misconception that marketing on-line is impersonal. Its all about numbers and you don’t get to know people and people don’t get to know you.

That is totally wrong. Its completely the opposite. On-line marketing is attraction marketing and attraction marketing is all about building relationships. Your Facebook Fan page is your home base for relationship building. I guess you could sort of think of it as your entertaining room on the internet.

Be persistent in your posts and comments on Facebook and before you know it, the snowball is in place and you are rolling in fans and “likes” left and right. Don’t be shy. Its normal to feel, “oh my gosh what if no one ‘likes’ my fan page.” It can be like throwing a party and being afraid that no one will show up.

People will arrive! Be persistent. We’ll talk another day about how and what to post on your Fan page to help you boost your “likes, shares & comments.” For now, start posting solutions to problems you know that other people have. Share these blog posts for example.

Take action today. If you do not have a Fan page, create one and start posting on it.

If you’ve read my “Secrets of the 1% Club” you know you have to have the mindset of a leader. Leaders have fan pages. Many Leaders wait until they are Leaders and then they start building their fan pages. You, however are way ahead of the game by starting now!

You will have an edge over your on-line competition. And remember, people see you as you see yourself. Instead of claiming you’re not an expert yet, commit to raising the bar on yourself and work as hard you can on becoming an expert as quickly as you can and start to portray yourself as an authority in your field.

Staking your claim for authority in your field will naturally become easier with the more knowledge you gain. However chances are just by reading this blog and reading “Secrets of the 1% Club” you know more about marketing than 90% of your peers.

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