As I watched the women’s cycling competition, I learned some very valuable business advice. This advice was reiterated by my colleague Ray Higdon in module 4 of his Pro Blog Academy when he discussed “creating our own Tribes” on Facebook, Twitter and our blogs.

First a mini cycling lesson so you can understand the business lesson. In long distance cycling, you may have observed that cyclists bike in clusters and  ride in formations one behind the other, flanking each other off the back left and back right  tires. They do this so that the cyclists in the “flank” positions are riding in the draft of the cyclist in front giving them a slight break. After so many minutes the bikers, as if on cue, will switch in formation and the one in front goes to the back and they move up in sequence.

In the final 12 miles of the Olympic race for the gold, the top 3 contenders were a solid 45 seconds ahead of everyone else.  The three cyclists represented Norway, Great Britain and Russia. They worked as a team to maintain their lead and continue their pace to the finish line. They consistently rotated from the first position to the second position, to the third position and back to the first position. It was an unspoken, understood team effort despite the fact that each cyclist representing her own country was in her own race for the gold.

They continued their team work effort until they were less than 1 mile from the finish line and then in an all out push for the gold, the Norwegian cyclist pushed passed her two other medal contenders.

As competitors they helped each other get to the finish line. They supported one another and worked together for 12 miles to maintain their lead from the pack and thus securing and solidifying medals for each of them.

In the world of entrepreneurs and network marketing, there tends to be an unwritten code of silence and fierce competition between one another. Unlike the Olympics in business, we’re not going for just a gold, bronze or silver medal. There is room at the top for everyone.

How does this unwritten rule of teamwork rotation among cyclists exactly relate to business? In the world of on-line marketing shares, likes, retweets and re-posts of articles and content is one of the goals you strive for. No one likes to be the first to re-tweet, re-post or “like” a comment, but once someone breaks the ice, followers fall in line.

One content sharing tool is called TribePro. Within Tribe Pro, which is free to join, you post your content and others will pick it up and promote you and you agree to do the same for them.

Outside of TribePro, Ray Higdon of blogging fame & fortune recommends establishing your own “tribe”. Find 3-10 people to “buddy” with and you all agree to like, re-post, re-tweet and share each other’s posts and content. This becomes part of your daily routine. Just like cyclists when they ride together, know to naturally rotate from front to back it will become second nature to you and your “tribe” and it easily and quickly becomes part of your daily routine.

Remember, on-line marketing means that you will be channeling your efforts into the internet instead of visiting networking lunches and groups. You can reach thousands instead of a few handfuls. Your daily activities will begin to take on a new routine once you jump into the waters of the deep blue internet sea of millions of customers. Part of your activities will include article and content marketing.

Prior to taking on-line marketing seriously, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of online media, social or otherwise, felt like a luxury or at best, a waste of time. However knowing what I know now and becoming a serious on-line marketer, which by the way has totally transformed my business and my life, my entire daily routine has changed. Its heavenly to say the least!

In the world of on-line marketing, when you help others you are very effectively helping yourself and there is room for everyone at the finish line of prosperity!


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