In yesterday’s blog post we learned what a Defining Moment is and how its different fro everyone. We also touched on how you can move up your threshold of pain and thus move up your Defining Moment, setting you into action days, weeks, months or even years sooner than you otherwise would have been moved to such action.

By truly understanding the concept of the Defining Moment, you can do three things:

#1 – You will stop beating yourself up over the lack of action you are taking in your own business. You haven’t had your defining moment yet, so don’t worry about it. Your defining moment will come. Stop beating yourself up. Stop focusing on what you haven’t done and focus on what you have done. No matter how small the task accomplished, reward yourself for even that tiniest little achievement. If you checked off an entry on your To Do List, pat yourself on the back!

Rome was built by a lot of little bricks as well as big bricks, so congratulate yourself for what you have done and if you’re not doing something every single day – its OK. Just focus on what you’ve done over the course of a week. Surely each week you do at least one thing for your business. If you’re reading this blog post – that’s something! Just know that you haven’t reached your moment in time when you draw your line in the sand. You defining moment will come.

#2 – You can accelerate your own pace of arriving at that day when you draw the line in the sand. By recognizing that getting started is nothing more than simply having a defining moment, you can create your defining moment. Why wait? Why not capitalize right now on your health, on your life, on what you have right now in the bank, to get you through to the next level?

Be aware of your Defining Moment, keep asking yourself, what’s it going to take and you’ll soon find yourself, saying, “that’s it, that’s the final straw, today’s the day I draw my line in the sand!!”

If you haven’t read The 1% Club, grab your free copy now and read about how Donald Trump uses visioning to create wealth. Visioning and making a Vision Board can move you very quickly to your Defining Moment as you lay out in pictures the life you want and then take a good look around at the life you currently have. There might be a gap and you might be moved to action to once and for all, build a bridge over to the other side, where vacations are plentiful, bank accounts are plentiful and stress? What’s that?

# 3  When you are aware of and understand the concept of the Defining Moment, it helps you to be able to share this with those around you and nudge them to their own defining moment. Many people don’t see it for themselves. They don’t realize they are living a life of survival when they could be living a life of prosperity, and what would it take for them to have a defining moment to change from surviving mode to thriving mode?

What does a happy, prosperous life look like?  Its not about the money, its about what having money can do to change your life. Imagine a life without worry, without fear, without ever having to make decisions based on what’s in the bank account? Imagine a life where you can do anything, go anywhere with your children, your grandchildren. The fear of illness is no longer a fear because you can afford the best vitamins and the best medical care in the world. Longevity of life is no longer a fear because you can afford the very best to keep yourself young & fit & healthy. When do you want to start that life? What are you waiting for?

If you are going through life, always earning the same thing, you are not flourishing and prospering, you are surviving. Maybe you have some good investments, but can you count on those investments 40 years from now? Will they be bringing in enough money to take care of you and your family in your older years?

These are questions you need to ask yourself and your prospects. Your defining moment can happen right now. If you do not make a change, you will always stay the same and in our world, really, when you staying the same, you are actually going backwards because of inflation and progress.

On a final note, I don’t know if any of you heard the General’s Call this morning, but Gray DeRitter shared something from Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn is one of the God-Fathers of network marketing. Jim Rohn passed away a few years ago, but his business still thrives and a newsletter is published weekly, which is a great newsletter to subscribe to for personal development.

Today’s newsletter talked about the phrase, of “loving what you do.”  Jim says that you don’t have to love what you do, you just have to love the opportunity it brings. A ditch digger may not love the physical labor of digging a ditch, but he loves the opportunity to build cities. He loves looking at beautiful landscaping, knowing that he played a vital role in beautifying a city.

Most likely, there are always going to be aspects of our business that we are not fond of doing, but its the opportunity that lies ahead as the reward for having done them. A lifestyle of freedom is the reward for having done 100’s of demos and making 1000’s of phone calls and presentations.  Watching your downline walk across stage and being awarded new pin titles and new awards for achievements is the personal reward for helping to change their lives from a life of surviving to a life of prosperity.

Maybe your goal is to help 5 people earn a six figure income and realize financial freedom for life. What do you have to do personally in order to find those 5 people and then train and support them? Maybe you don’t like all the work you have to do, but think about the lives you have changed because you did the work.

So loving what you do, is a bonus and a benefit. And when you get to make your own hours and be in control of your own income, those are things to love about this business, but remember the true love is the love of the opportunity. The opportunity to travel, to meet new people, to change lives, to enjoy a life of freedom and prosperity and to watch others enjoy that life as well.

So, next time you have to do something in your business that you’re not really fond of doing, just remember – you love the opportunity that this will bring!