Because of YOU, BrandGarden had their best year ever!

Our technical support response time averaged 22 minutes
(The industry average is 18.2 hours)


We welcomed an average of 2  new clients every week. Thats 104 for the year.

New Clients Per Month

 We expanded our business partnerships to the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Australia, Great Britain, Canada and Israel.

We welcomed new clients in Canada

We launched one new MAJOR revolutionary app platform with 23 major new features and improvements.

Coupons were claimed

+ Loyalty Points Issued

+ Apps Downloaded

We drank 1112 cups of coffee and too many bottles of wine to count

We Even Managed to Sqeeze in a bit of a break.

T H A N K Y O U !

Are ready to do it all again with us? How can we help you make 2017 your best mobile and e-Commerce year?
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